Class 1 Misdemeanor VA First Offense


Most of the people do not even understand and realize the seriousness of the charges which are legal enough as like a class 1 misdemeanor and this charge is considered the most serious and dangerous charge among all the misdemeanor classes.

This is not acceptable in Virginia to further breaking laws and traffic rules without the concern of legal authorities and their penalties. People nowadays are become so careless that they don’t bother to understand the laws of their own state.

However, having a criminal charge under a misdemeanor can be as serious like a felony as well. So we should have to understand that we can’t take law in our hands if it is our first-time offense or not, the laws will stay the same for every criminal act.

Though, sometimes many people believe that when they commit a crime at the first time offense, then they didn’t go through to stay in jail as a penalty because this is their first time offense and they can be bailout as a warning. But this is not true, if this is your first-time offense in Virginia and you have been charged with the misdemeanor class 1, then you still have to go through penalties and punishments.

However, the only difference would be that you don’t have a prior criminal record in your documents, so chances maybe you can get a less severe penalty but just according to the judges’ decision. What is the first time offense penalty in the class 1 misdemeanor?

If you have been charged with the first time offense in the class 1 misdemeanor, then the penalty would be six months stay in prison with a fine of $2,500.

The person should have to go through penalties if it is his or her first-time offense as well. There would be no less punishment for the criminals. A crime is a crime whether doing it intentionally or not.

But yes, in some cases, when you have been charged with wrong allegations, or you just commit a crime mistakenly, then you might provide evidence in the court in a manner to prove yourself innocent enough.

A defense attorney for the first time offense of class 1 misdemeanor in VA

Hiring a defense lawyer is a must thing for you, just if you have committed a crime or you know someone who is involving in such crimes.

With the help of a professional lawyer, you can make your case easier. Because a lawyer can know how to handle judges with the discussion or how to gather evidence enough to prove you innocent.

And just when you are proven innocent in the court, then all the charges and penalties would be dismissed from your name. So, it is basically the right decision to take in hiring a defense lawyer and solve the case instantly.

However, you need a lawyer in a sense because you can’t fight with the case alone, lawyers are professional enough to handle the case legally.

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