Child Custody in VA

When talking about divorce, child custody can surely be one of the most complex and emotionally challenging process to effectively worth through. It is critical to retain a well-versed lawyer with extensive experience in child custody in VA if your divorce case is under consideration in a Virginia court and your children are involved in this matter. A reliable attorney can help you potentially protect your rights and get the custody in the best interest of your child.

Determining Child Custody

In the commonwealth of Virginia, the optimal well-being of your child is primarily of the most basic importance in visitation and child custody cases. In fact, judges in case of child custody in VA have to maintain regular and frequent contact and interaction between both parents and the child simply to ensure the child will be provided with both emotional and financial care in the future. Consequently, the following critical factors can be an imperative part of the decision-making process of determining the child custody in VA:

  • Physical as well as mental health of each parent;
  • Each parent’s relationship with the child;
  • Each parent’s present work/employment as well as financial situation;
  • Educational level as well as work skills of each parents;
  • Each parent’s level of motivation to win the custody;
  • Each parent’s willingness as well as ability to constructively work together to voluntarily resolve their disputes;
  • The child’s preferences and desires as to the custody matter unless he/she is already mature enough to formally make such claims;
  • The age and mental health of the child, in order for the judge to ascertain his/her developmental requirements and abilities; and
  • Each parent’s awareness of the child’s needs as well as their ability to fulfill those needs;

Physical Custody and Legal Custody

Child custody in VA can, essentially, be divided into two ways, viz. physical and legal.

  • Physical custody primarily related to a child’s everyday life as well as living situation. It determines where the child will reside subsequent to the divorce. Divorce agreement typically makes it clear who is going to be the ‘custodial’ parent or the primary caretaker of the child, and who is going to be the ‘noncustodial’ parent or the one who retains court-scheduled visitation privileges.
  • Legal custody relates to the control, care and decision-making about the well-being of the child. Most often, such decisions are made in critical areas like education, medical, as well as religious training. Additionally, legal child custody in VA may be ordered as either joint or sole.

Characteristics of An Effective Family Law Attorney

If you are also going through a divorce case that involves your children, you must attempt to hire a family law attorney who is always prepared to willingly guide you through each and every aspect of the court processing. Such legal practitioners would always ensure you have a comprehensive knowledge of the legal parameters that surround your unique situation and circumstances. They can also help you determine the most appropriate course of action to adopt in order to not only safeguard the best interests of the child, but also secure the most favorable outcomes.

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